This is how to get the Wolt promo code for 15€ right away:

  1. Get the Wolt App
  2. Click on “Profile” at the bottom right corner of your cell phone
  3. Then click on “Enter promo code”
  4. Now enter the Wolt promo code RNRYHBB
  5. Now you will immediately receive 5 € starting credit for the first, and 5 more Euros for each of the next two orders!

Wolt Promo Code RNRYHBB

What can I buy with the Wolt promo code in the app?

Wolt is a relatively new provider in the field of food and restaurant delivery, but also delivers drinks of all kinds and small snacks directly to your home. Wolt has established itself as a premium provider with low prices on the market, and delivers free to your door in several major German cities in less than 30 minutes! With the Wolt promo code or Wolt promo code available here, you can directly save 6 € and simply start ordering. If you live outside the Wolt delivery radius, you can also pick up the delivery at the edge of the delivery area. So it’s worth it, because Wolt is just awesome! The selection in the app ranges from Italian, Greek, Mexican to Japanese, Chinese and Thai. As you can see, there really is a restaurant from every country that offers its food at reasonable prices. So don’t hesitate to use Wolt promo code RNRYHBB.

Where does Wolt deliver? Can I use the Wolt promo code anywhere?

Of course, the Wolt coupon or wolt promo code can be applied anywhere. Just follow the steps above, and enter the coupon code RNRYHBB. Wolt delivers food, drinks, snacks and much more. It is also delivered brand new in Berlin! Just go to the Wolt website and check the delivery radius! Other cities in Germany include Frankfurt and Munich. Of course, you can also see this in the Wolt app. Wolt delivers in Berlin within the ring and also partly beyond. Of course, after using the Wolt coupon or Wolt promo code, you could also pick up your delivery at the edge of the delivery area. This way, at least you don’t have to walk all the way to your favorite restaurant if you are not in the delivery area yet. Wolt is relatively new and is constantly expanding the delivery area – so stay tuned!

Why is Wolt a premium restaurant and beverage delivery service?

The new food and beverage delivery service that delivers from your favorite restaurant, Späti, kiosk, bakery or snack bar is simply a super alternative to existing delivery services. With Wolt, your food is guaranteed to arrive within minutes, and with the Volt promo code, you can really cash in! You can choose from a variety of exclusive and first-class restaurants and pay little or no delivery fee. Just go to the Wolt app, enter the Wolt promo code RNRYHBB and choose from the best and most delicious restaurants! And if you’re wondering where to enter the wolt coupon wolt promo code code, just follow the instructions at the top.

How much will it cost me to place an order?

The answer to this question is made easy: An order costs quite little the first time with the Wolt promo code available here for 6 €! Depending on the restaurants, snack bars, late-night bars or kiosks you sometimes pay a small amount for the delivery. But you can also set that you don’t want to pay for delivery, and you will be shown only establishments that deliver completely for free. And the best part is, Wolt is very competitive with its prices and now competes with the already established delivery service Lieferando.

Furthermore, the individual orders are of course dependent on the prices is the restaurants themselves. You will often see that the restaurants on the Wolt app don’t even quote higher prices, but the prices are just as low as when you show up in person. Don’t forget to give the Wolt driver, who kindly brings the food to your doorstep, a small coin. It makes for good karma.

Looking for more promo codes?

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Can I use the Wolt RNRYHBB promo code more than once?

You can only use the voucher once in your app, i.e. in your account, to get a one-time 6 € discount. Nevertheless, it is possible to use the Wolt promo code more often by sending it to your friends. They will then also collect 6 €. So go ahead and discover the wonderful world of Wolt. If you are looking for more coupons, just read a tad further up, there are more coupons hidden here, and not only the one from Wolt.

How does ordering work?

If you really have never ordered before, you just have to follow the instructions in the app. You can see the layout of the app on the pictures above. Simply select a restaurant, Späti, kiosk or snack bar, and choose from a huge assortment of food and drinks. Now you have to enter your payment method, and of course you can use the Wolt promo code for 6 €. Just enter the Wolt coupon code or wolt promo code RNRYHBB in the app. After the order has been placed, you can track exactly where the supplier is on the map. Most of the time, the food or drink delivery will reach you in well under 30 minutes. Of course, you can also order outside the delivery radius. You then simply have to pick up the delivery at the edge of the radius.